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EuroScriber is the new tool for fitting frameless cabinet scribe strips. It makes fitting and installing Scribe Strips on installed cabinets quick, easy, and accurate.

Just fasten a few Holders in place on your installed cabinet. The tool works off the outside of the cabinet end for perfect alignment every time. The nylon set screws won't mark the cabinet ends. No more trying to figure out how to hold those pesky scribe strips while marking them!

Insert your scribe strip in the holders and tighten the smaller set screws. Run the router with the Quickscribe against the wall. The wheel of the Quickscribe follows the wall and guides the router for a perfect cut. Loosen the set screws, remove the scribe strip and holders, then simply insert the scribe strip in place.

Perfectly fitted scribe strips in much less time, with fewer hassles. No caulking needed!

All our tools come with a full one year, 100% money-back guarantee.

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Sample Projects
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* includes a set of 3 clamps
Works in conjunction with QuickScribe. Don't forget to order the whole set of QuickScribe tools.